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Ford slims down dealership EV requirements after pushback

dealership glass front with black mustang mach e parked in front, employee by the rear of car
Now any dealership can sell Ford EVs. | Image: Umar Shakir / The Verge

Ford’s Model E dealership certification program is getting stripped down to allow all locations access to EV inventory. As reported by CNBC, Ford is revising its strategy of requiring dealerships to invest up to $1.2 million for certification that includes mandatory on-site EV chargers, upgrades, and advanced staff training.

In an email to The Verge, Ford Model E COO Marin Gjaja wrote that starting July 1st, the company is “expanding EV sales and service to all 2,800 of its US dealers,” which replaces the Model E dealership program first introduced in 2022. Gjaja wrote that approximately 1,400 dealerships had enrolled in the old program.

The move to dismantle EV certification requirements was rumored to be underway last month in…

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