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Ikea is adding energy monitoring to its Home Smart app

A person holding a smart phone showing the Ikea Home Smart app.
Ikea’s new Energy Insights feature will offer real-time data on energy consumption and electricity spot prices. | Photo: Ikea

Energy management is a big benefit of the smart home, and more companies are starting to offer easier ways to monitor and control your home’s energy use through their app on your phone. The next level is offering intelligent ways to automate the process to save you money without you having to think about it.

Swedish furniture giant Ikea just took a small step toward providing that to users of its smart home platform, Home Smart. This week, it launched an Energy Insights feature to monitor your home’s energy use and announced its first energy-monitoring smart plug, the Inspelning, is coming in October.

Image: Ikea

The Inspelning is Ikea’s first energy monitoring smart plug.

Ikea says the Inspelning can monitor…

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