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Rabbit, Humane, and the iPad

A photo of the Meta Ray-Ban glasses, the Rabbit R1, and the Humane AI Pin, over the Vergecast team.
Image: Alex Parkin / The Verge

The Rabbit R1 is not good. Neither is the Humane AI Pin. Does that signal the end of the AI gadget revolution before it ever really got started? Or is it just that two companies shipped too little, too soon? The whole AI industry is moving fast, and it sometimes makes you wonder where it’s actually headed — or if there’s anywhere at the end of the road.

On this episode of The Vergecast, we discuss our reviews of these new devices, their potential going forward, and whether there’s ever going to be an AI gadget that isn’t just your phone. Because the phone AI is coming.

We also discuss the latest news in Google’s antitrust trial as it finally starts to come to a close. After months of arguments and mountains of evidence, what happens…

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