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Beeper couldn’t bring iMessage to Android — but it can still make a great chat app

An image showing the Beeper logo on a colorful background
Image: Beeper

Beeper needed a fresh start. Late last year, the company bet big on a hacked-together iMessage app for Android, only to be shut down by Apple within days. Beeper tried to fight back, but it ultimately threw in the towel just weeks later in a widely covered defeat.

“December was a wild ride,” Eric Migicovsky, the co-founder of Beeper, tells The Verge.

With dreams of an iMessage app dead, Beeper went back to square one to figure out its next steps. And the answer was to stop fighting Apple and return to its original goal: bringing every chat app — iMessage excepted — into a single place. “We’ve refocused on our primary mission,” Migicovsky says, “which is to build the best chat app on earth.”

The new Beeper app launched in beta last week,…

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