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Super Soaker spiritual successor Spyra just shrank its USB-C water blaster

A red, raking toy rifle held by a teen’s arm, pointed down along the same line as their blue jeans
The SpyraGo electric water blaster | Image: Spyra

Would you pay $180 for a USB-C water blaster that blasts an entire shot glass full of liquid every time you pull the trigger? That’s been Spyra’s pitch for the past six years, but today it’s revealing a new toy that costs (and weighs) less than a third of its previous products.

The new SpyraGo will cost just $54 when it arrives on March 26th, a price finally low enough to tempt me! It’s five inches shorter, between one and two inches slimmer, and importantly weighs just three pounds fully loaded. (The SpyraThree weighs nearly nine pounds at full capacity.)

Image: Spyra

The catch, unfortunately, is it’s also far less powerful: instead of firing shot-glass-sized 30 milliliter water “bullets,” the new SpyraGo will…

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